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Flamenco beginners


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Hogar de Andalucia

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Claudia has been teaching dance classes since the age of ninteen. Expression, movement, fun, technique and the understanding of the art of flamenco are the aims of her classes.

She is giving regular group and private classes in the city of Rotterdam, online classes and workshops inside and outside of Netherlands.

Online classes are possible in spanish, english, italian and greek.


Can i dance flamenco if i have never danced before in my life?

Of course! It is never late to start dancing,specially flamenco.No matter what your age or level is,you will find your place in the class.

Do i need any special outfit or props for a flamenco class?

At the beginning ,a comfortable outfit and maybe a pair of shoes with low heels , is all you need.As time goes by, a flamenco pair of shoes will be very helpful and of course , for the ladies, a long skirt, not only to feel nice and beautiful, but also because it will be a prop to dance with!

Is it better to have private or group lessons?

This is something that depends entirely on what you are looking from a dance class. Private lessons: 1.Allow the student to work one on one with a teacher. 2.The learning is more rapid in a one on one setting because the content is specific to the individual. 3.Questions, difficulty, or any other problems can be fixed immediately in a private lesson. 4.Private lessons are scheduled based on the student's schedule. 5.Private lessons in any hobby are more expensive, including dancing. Group lessons: 1.Add context and repetition to a specific dance or skill. 2.Are scheduled at set times throughout the week. 3.Allow you to socialize and exercise in just one go. 4.Work at the pace of the collection of people as a whole, not by the individual. 5.Are less costly than private lessons.

Where can i register for a class?

Please get in contact for registrations, throught the contact form.